Bracha was born on March 7 1948 to a Jewish family in Israel. She was converted to Christ in 1965 and has been alongside Baruch, sharing his hopes, longings and burdens since they courted in 1965. She has led an open home in which hundreds have slept, ate, prayed, enjoyed fellowship and known themselves to be welcome. Her cooking is notoriously good. 

In addition to mothering our three daughters, Avital, Shlomit and Tamar (all now married, with children and living in the US), Bracha has loved and cared for our two foster daughers, Katya (married, with one child, living in Israel) and Rose (still home with us, preparing to go to College).

Baruch and Bracha were married in 1968 and live in Gedera, Israel. 

Bracha continues to run an open home and increase her reputation as a hostess. Every year she travels to the US, to visit the children and their families, assist in welcoming babies and making home homier. Naturally, she is torn between her homeland and husband on the one hand, and her daughters and their families on the other.