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Soli Deo Gloria is the writing and teaching ministry of Baruch Maoz in Israel. Baruch is engaged in writing original commentaries on the Bible, and theological and practical works in Hebrew. Some of his books are available in English. His Critique of the Messianic Movement, Come Let Us Reason Together: The Unity of Jews and Gentiles in the Church, has been published by P&R, and his Devotional Commentary, Malachi: A Prophet in Times of Distress by Founders Press. Both are available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon while Shepherd Press produced his Devotional Commentary Jonah: A Prophet on the Run.

Baruch has written  a series of commentaries in Hebrew on Hosea, Joel, Amos, Micah, Jonah, Nahum and Malachi, Matthew, Romans and Colossians. He has written an Introdution to the Life and Epistles of Paul, an Introduction to Systematic Theology, and edited a modern translation of the Old Testament into spoken Hebrew. He is presently translating the New Testament into Modern Hebrew and engaged in other writing projects. In the pipeline are books on church life and structure, How to Preach and Listen to Sermons, and Daily Christian disciplines. To date, Baruch is the only author writing Christian literature n Hebrew.

Baruch and Bracha are Israeli Jewish Christians who have served in Israel for 5 decades now. Between April 1974 and December 2006 Baruch served with Christian Witness to Israel, most of that time as Israel Field Leader. Betwen May 1975 and December 2008 he served as Pastor of Grace and Truth Christian Congregation in Rishon LeTsion, Israel. Our website reflects the experiences gained in the course of that time.

Our monthly newsletter, MaozNews, is available for the asking, with back-issues to be found on this website (Baruch's Writings/News From Israel). To subscribe, click address at bottom of this page. His faceBook and Linkedin pages serve as blogs and provide almost daily information on the scene in Israel. His postings are also avaialble via Twitter @BaruchMaoz


Following is a link to Baruch's summary to Paul's letter to the Romans (audio, 40 minutes)


Baruch's Musings


Israel's Defense Forces


From Chief of Staff and later Prime Minister of Israel, Itshak Rabin’s speech at the Hebrew University, June 8 1967 upon receipt of an honorary doctorate of philosophy:


“Today the university has conferred this honorary title upon us in recognition of the I.D.F.’s superiority of spirit and morals, as was revealed in the heat of war, for we are standing in this place by virtue of a heavy battle which, though forced upon us, was forged into a victory that is already called miraculous.

War is intrinsically harsh and cruel, bloody and tearstained, but this war in particular, which we have just undergone, brought forth rare and magnificent instances of heroism and courage, together with humane expressions of brotherhood, comradeship, and spiritual greatness.

Whoever has not seen a tank crew continue their attack with their commander killed and their vehicle badly damaged; whoever has not seen soldiers endangering their lives to extricate wounded comrades from a minefield; whoever has not seen the anxiety and the effort of the entire Air Force devoted to rescuing a pilot who has fallen in enemy territory, cannot know the meaning of devotion among comrades-in-arms.

The entire nation was exalted, and many wept, upon hearing the news of the capture of the Old City of Jerusalem. Our sabra youth, and most certainly our soldiers, do not tend toward sentimentality; they shy away from revealing it in public. However, the strain of battle, the anxiety which preceded it, and the sense of salvation and of direct participation of every soldier in the forging of the heart of Jewish history, cracked the shell of hardness and shyness and released wellsprings of deeply felt spiritual emotion. The paratroopers who conquered the Wailing Wall leaned against its stones and wept. As a symbol, this was a rare occasion, almost unparalleled in human history. Such phrases and cliche?s are not generally used in the I.D.F., but this sight on the Temple Mount, beyond the power of words, revealed, as though by a flash of lightning, a deep truth.

And more than this, the joy of triumph seized the entire nation. Nevertheless, we find, increasingly, a strange phenomenon among our fighters. Their joy is not total, and more than a little sorrow, and shock, permeates their celebration. There are those who do not celebrate at all. The warriors in the front lines witnessed not only the glory of victory but also its price – their comrades who fell beside them, bleeding. And I know that the terrible price paid by our enemies also touched the hearts of many of our men deeply. It may be that the Jewish people never learned, never accustomed themselves to experience the thrill of conquest and victory, and so we receive it with mixed feelings.”


Such is the spirit of Israel’s defense forces.


We Need a Reformation

We’re just not ever satisfied unless we’ve made our mark, justified our presence, proven our worth, earned some accolade (Ezekiel 28:1-5). If someone says something, we have to add our two bits (Proverbs 18:2). If anything goes on, we have to be involved – or at the very least in the know. We do not like to be obligated and would much rather have others obligated to us. “Freedom” is viewed as the liberty to do all we want, when we want it and as much as we want. “Do your own thing”, “be your own person”, or the purportedly milder “be yourself” are considered watchwords for what we consider a successful life. “Be your own boss” is a goal we pursue in all walks of life.

 So, we climb the Everest or win a race, buy the newest gadget and aspire to the most prominent position. When we see a TV camera, we put on a childish smile, poke our mugs into the frame and wave or invite our girlfriend to tune to the right station. We love to drop names of well-known people we’ve met, as if that will add to our importance and we rush a hundred times a day to see how many likes we received on FaceBook, or noted that we’re drinking coffee in the Anserine Motel on top on Mount Boorishness.

 That is why we find it so painful to apologize and to admit failure. We prefer to lay the burden on responsibility on others (Genesis 3:12). We were provoked; circumstances imposed themselves upon us or even justified our actions; or our education or lack thereof is to blame and so on. Moral failure – the worse kind of failure – is especially difficult to admit.

 Mankind has created an endless stream of religions, all of which share a common characteristic: man becomes his own savior. He may do so by “good works”, by offering sacrifice, by meditation or prayer. He may be serving a Buddha, kissing a scroll, an ancient wall or some other relic, bowing before an idol or ministering to the needy. He may be evangelizing, serving in the church, denying himself or studying the Bible. Whatever he does is what secures his salvation and assures his blessing.

 Of course, in many cases we admit that most of our salvation comes from God, or the gods. He, or they, respond to our efforts and grant us the blessings we crave. But the initiative is ours, and what he or they do for us is in response to our actions. God or the gods laid the ground and paved the way. The rest us up to us. If he or they accorded us salvation, it is now up to us to ensure we do not lose it; or we must bring it to a higher level of spiritual achievement. Ultimately, it is we who make the choice. We are the ultimate arbiters or our fate. Even if saved by the kindness of God, our two bits are needed to make it stick.

 But the Gospel runs contrary to this general vein. It tells us that we are never free than when in bondage to God; never more like ourselves than when we are Christlike; never wiser than when we submit to the truth of God. The Gospel tells us that we never, ever deserve God’s blessing. It calls for a sincere humility that is borne out of a sense of inability and lack of worth, for a frank admission of demerit. It teaches us that without God in Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5), that with him we can do only by his kindness and enabling (Philippians 2:13), and that even after we have done our best, we are but unprofitable servants (Luke 17:10) whose labors are acceptable only because of Christ (Philippians 4:13, Hebrew 13:21).

 That is the essential nature of grace – it is utterly undeserved. Not only so, but grace, to be grace, does it all (Colossians 2:10): the initiative is God’s, the grounds are laid by him, he places us on those grounds, and he ensures we remain on them, guiding, sustaining and protecting us all the way to glory.

 Not that grace does not call for human effort. On the contrary. The only reasonable response to grace is that we offer to God our full, hearty, unreserved, sacrificial and continuous obedience (Romans 12:1-3). But we love because we have first been loved (I John 4:19), not to be loved. We obey, not in order in order to obtain but because we have been given so much, so liberally and so undeservedly. We serve, not to ensure our inheritance but because –  contrary to all we deserve – we have been assured of an inheritance unblemished, undefiled, reserved in heaven for us (I Peter 1:4).

 Christian obedience is an act of love and of gratitude. It is a recognition of sweet duty (Romans 7:21), made sweeter by being rendered to God, the glorious, beautiful, worthy, magnificent, beloved One who is altogether holy, perfectly lovely, unimaginably himself.

 Such was the original Faith of Israel until corrupted by human contrivance driven by prideful self-assertion.

 Upon destruction of the temple at the hands of the Romans in 70 AD, Judaism took a decisive turn which set it on a path of self-obtained righteousness instead of being the religion of grace described in the Old Testament. Tendencies castigated by the prophets and which again found expression in Pharisaical understandings became the norm and Israel engaged in a major departure from the Word of God 

God in his unilateral grace gave Israel the blood of sacrificial animals as a means of atonement for sin (Leviticus 17:11). Stringent ritual now became a means by which Israel pleased God, (Isaiah 1:4-17), often without regard to the intended meaning of the ritual and without engaging the affections as the rituals were followed. Moral behavior was no longer motivated by a sense of gratitude to God, nor viewed in terms of worshipful, loving obedience. Instead, acts of generosity and kindness were ways by which man obtained merit and thereby earned God’s blessing. Even humility was a transformed into a kind of self-motivated, self-imposed abasement that was considered meritorious.

 Of course, there were exceptions. But they were just that: exceptions, not the rule. God’s authority was supplanted by an authoritarian Rabbinocracy in which God had no say. Indeed, tradition has it that God was silenced and his opinion rejected as the rabbis sat to determine the meaning of the biblical text.

Today Israel has followed the logical path outlined by such presumption. The choice is presented as between secular humanism and blind obedience to a tradition as interpreted by the rabbis, and the majority has chosen the former.

The church has likewise repeatedly departed from its biblical moorings and degenerated into liberalistic humanism, a means by which man obtains merit, or a form of blind obedience to traditional practices and doctrines expounded from the pulpit. Many of the historic churches have chosen the latter option. Common evangelicalism has chosen the second. The majority, disappointed by both, has chosen the first.

 Yes, common evangelical thought and practice assumes a kind of meritocracy which affirms that Jesus did much but the rest is up to us. This is expressed in many ways. Some affirm that God would dearly love to save every single human individual, but his good will is stymied by man’s independence. His sovereignty has to do with everything but man’s freedom to choose. Election is man choosing God, God foreseeing that choice, and then running ahead of man and choosing him first. Others affirm that evangelism, prayer and fasting, Bible study, self-denial or other such commendable activities are the means by which Christian ascend the ladder of spirituality and secure their final arrival at heaven’s gates.

 Few today have more than a mediocre understanding of the Faith. They prefer “practical” sermons, shallow evangelistic appeals, mega-churches in which their emotions are stirred while their minds are ignored and where there is no clear call to holiness in life, the fear of God, repentance and the forsaking of sin. People come to church to be petted, pampered, encouraged and taught to feel good about themselves. Hence the popularity of preachers such as Joel Olsteen, Mark Driscoll and the like.

 The church has refused the discomfort of truly prophetic ministries, or of congregational life in which men of all races and cultures mix. We prefer the cultural and linguistic ghettos in which our practice is never challenged and our assumptions never questioned, so that we are not called upon to change except in the direction of our cherished prejudices. We separate into congregations and clusters to which only those who agree with us are allowed to enter, and then love fellow-Christians over the fences our self-love has erected – until we divide again because some area of disagreement has been discovered.

 We are in desperate need of reformation. We desperately need to return to the word of God and to re-examine the best of our traditions, Confessions, practices, polity and systematizations, lest our fear of God our Savior be the fruit of human traditions rather than of the mighty, truthful, powerfully living word of God, which is able to save and sanctify us to the glory of him for whose sake we were created, redeemed and assured glorification. 


MaozViews, March 2017 -- Socail, Political and Spiritual Trends in Israel


March 21, 2017


Gili Cohen  Ha’Aretz March 22, 2017 12:02 PM 

Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo asserted on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation and the conflict with the Palestinians are the only existential threat facing Israel.

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“Israel has chosen not to choose, hoping the conflict will resolve itself – perhaps the Arabs will disappear, maybe some cosmic miracle will happen,” Pardo told a conference at the Netanya Academic College. “One day we will become a binational state because it will be impossible to untie the Gordian knot between the two peoples. That is not the way to decide.”


Pardo stated: “Israel has one existential threat. It is a ticking time bomb. We chose to stick our head in the sand, creating a variety of external threats. An almost identical number of Jews and Muslims reside between the sea and the Jordan. The non-Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria live under occupation. This is Israel's definition, not mine. The law in this territory is as we have made it, a military justice system that is subject to the authority of the Israel Defense Forces.”

He said that despite the full withdrawal from Gaza, responsibility for the territory remains in Israel’s hands. “Israel is responsible for the humanitarian situation, and this is the place with the biggest problem in the world today,” he said.

Pardo added: “Israel must deal with the demographic reality and [decide] which state we want to be. Life with alternative facts harbors a disaster for the Zionist vision. The key to saving the state requires brave leadership.”


March 16, 2017

For those interested, the following is our March-August 2017 itinerary:

March 27 Saturday depart for/arrive in Seattle WA.

April 1-2 Saturday - Sunday

AM Port Angeles WA

PM Bothell WA

 April 7 Friday flight to Baltimore, drive to Camp Hill

 April 8 Saturday Al Herman

 April 8-9 Saturday-Sunday Media PA AM, PM

 April 16 Sunday

 AM Mount Carmel PA

 PM RB Camp Hill

 April 19 Wednesday– Mebane NC

 April 20-24 Thursday-Monday Louisville KY

 April 24-25 Monday- - Tuesday open for engagements

 April 25-26 Tuesday – Wednesday Knoxville TN

 April 26-27 Wednesday- Thursday open for engagements

 April 28-May 1 Friday - Monday Hartsville TN

 May 1-4 Monday-Thursday Atlanta GA

 May 4- 6 Thursday- Saturday Tallahassee FL

 May 6– 7 Saturday - Sunday Gainesville FL


 PM Luzt FL

 May 8 Monday Newly formed church

 May 9-15 Tuesday - Monday Birmingham AL

 AM Reformed Baptist

 PM Briarwood Presbyterian

 May 15-19 Monday – Saturday New Orleans Details to follow

May 19-22 Friday – Monday Cinton LA

 May 22 Monday Shreveport LA

May 23 -25 Tuesday - Thursday Pasadena TX

May 25-26 Thursday – Friday open for engagements

 May 26-29 Friday – Monday Fort Hood TX

 30- 31May El Paso TX

 May 31 – June 8 Wednesday – Thursday Phoenix AZ

 MAY 1 Wednesday OPC PM

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 June 4 AM Mesa AZ

 PM Gilbert AZ

 June 7 Wednesday Prescott AZ

 June 8 Thursday San Diego

 Friday June 9 Los Angeles

 June 10-12 Saturday – Monday Visalia CA

Monday June 12 Sacramentoopen for engagements

 June 13-15 Tuesday – Thursday Sacramento

 June 15-July 5 Thursday – Saturday Seattle WA

 Sunday June 18 PM Emmanuel Reformed Baptist

 AM Kirkland WA

  PM Issaquah WA

 July 6-7 Thursday- Friday Post Falls, ID

 July 7-8 Friday-Saturday Worland WY

 July 8-10 Saturday - Monday Powell WY

 July 10- 11 Monday - Tuesday Leith North Dakota

 July 11-12 Tuesday - Wednesday Minneapolis MN open for engagements

 July 12-13 Wednesday - Thursday Waukesha WI

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 Am Reformed Baptist Jeffrey 09:30

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July 19-20 Wednesday – Thursday Dayton OH

 July 20 Thursday Cincinnati OH

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 Saturday – Monday July 29-31 Franklin OH

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Sunday – am Montreal
August 7-11 Camp Hill
August 11 Depart for London
August 12 - 13 - Cuckfield UK 
AM Cuckfield England
PM Droitwich England

 August 14-15 Leeds England

 August 15-16 Swansea Wales

 August 16 Depart for Tel Aviv

 August 17 Home

March 16, 2017

Israel and the Six-Day War -- A Transformation of Israeli Society


Arab Rejectionism


Zionism: Redemptiion of the Land or of the People?


The Six Day War and the Transformation of Arab Aspirations




March 12, 2017


Disconcerting Trends in Israel – Democracy Undermined

Benjamin Netanyahu is now into his fourth term as Prime Minister and has repeatedly declared his intention to "lead the country for many years to come". He has systematically suppressed any potential competitors, emasculating any whose influence threatened to rival his and maintaining a careful balance between contending rivals. Legislative efforts, even within the Prime Minister’s own party, to establish term limits were brought to a screeching halt.

 In a Government consisting of 21 members, two were without portfolio while Mr. Netanyahu initially held four over and above his duties as Prime Minister until he was forced by the Supreme Court to yield one (Heath), which added a member to the Government, and to forgo a second (Media and Communications), which added yet another member to a bloated Government.

Mr. Netanyahu has initiated and supported various other steps to strengthen his hold on the country. Among these are a series of legislative efforts. One will forbid non-citizens of Israel who oppose Israeli Government policies from entering the country.  Another has accorded Knesset Members the right to withdraw membership from duly elected representatives on condition that 90 Knesset Members support such action against them. Laws are in the works to would forbid the Court to consider appeals against Knesset legislation and to determine the right of individuals or of parties to participate in elections. Another initiative is set to upset the balance of Electors authorized to appoint Supreme Court Justices by increasing the number of Government representatives in that body. Legislation is also in the works to appoint a Regulator of Media and Communications, selected by the Prime Minister; another such seeks to restrict NGO’s, including charities and ad hoc political movements’ ability to receive contributions, and requires them to submit detailed information of all contributors.

The Minister of Education has altered the core educational curriculum by adding to it distinctly religious elements to be taught in all secular schools, and removing elements deemed contrary to the present Government’s policies, including moral consideration of issues relating to the conflict with the Palestinians or the way the conflict is conducted. The Minister of Culture has withdrawn government support of cultural institutes deemed by the Government to be “unpatriotic” or that decline activity in the West Bank. This, of necessity, affects Israeli Arab cultural institutions critical of the present Government.

Still a bastion of democracy in the Middle East, Israel’s democratic principles are under attack by the very forces that should be defending them.


March 08, 2017

A Two-State Solution?

Reality stares in our faces and requires no extensive explanation:

The two-State solution seems to be the only solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Perfect justice is not an option in an imperfect, sinful world and the sooner the two sides come to their sense and realize that, the better. One side’s “perfect justice” is a perfect injustice to the other side. 

If there is to be one State, all of its citizens must have equal rights, and the Arab majority will speedily be in a position to dismantle Israel as a Jewish homeland. What is more, its democratic nature would also be in jeopardy – Arab culture does not make for a working democracy. The only way to avoid such an outcome would be to limit the freedoms of the Palestinian majority, and that is as immoral an option as it is (rightly) unacceptable to the Palestinian populace.

True, the two-State solution would need to be realized gradually. Israel would need to be assured by more than mere verbiage that the Palestinian State would not serve as a staging-ground for renewed attacks. The only way to achieve that would be to effectively limit the Palestinian State’s freedom to arm itself, at least for a extensive period of time.

It is also more than likely that radical elements in the Palestinian State would oppose the compromise entailed in a two-State solution and endeavor to radicalize the newly-formed State, or even to take it over. Israel and the Palestinian Authorities would need to work together to obviate such a possibility. Opposition in Israel would not pose such dangers.

Israel would have to be very generous. Land-locked but for Gaza unobstructed access to the sea would need to be accorded, as well as the use of Israeli air space. Efforts would need to be made to help develop Palestine’s economy which, for lack of natural resources and due to limited arable land available, would naturally veer toward the marketing of services (tourism) and technological know-how. Cooperation between Israel and Palestine in these spheres would greatly enhance the welfare of both States. Jordanian aspirations to include Palestinian lands without the Hashemite kingdom would need to be forestalled and the horrendous state of the Gaza Strip would need to be resolved, including its over-population. Here, too, Israel cooperation could go a long way toward achieving the necessary goals.

But the advantages both sides would gain are tremendous. The losses both sides sustain by the ongoing conflict are incalculable. More important, both sides will have much for which to giver account on the day of judgement due to their selfish, cruel conduct of the conflict.

It is not tongue-in-cheek to say that the best source to read on the conflict is the Bible. For briefer reading, see my articles on the subject, available on this website.

March 07, 2017

Ben Gurion, quoting Confucius:

Ben Gurion, quoting Confucius: The superior man is one who first fulfills what he demands of others, and then demands of others only what he himself has fulfilled.

March 07, 2017


(Based on Nathan Alterman’s 1948 poem Al Zot, decrying war crimes perpetuated in the heat of a battle)

He passed through the city on a Jeep
A man in his prime, armed to the teeth
And there on the road
And old man with his load
Pressed a wall for fear of his feat

The young man smiled and did say
“I’ll try out the gun on this day”
He did 
the old man hid his face
And his blood splattered over the place

This, dears, but one scene from our war, be assured
The conflict we won to secure
It’s no secret, there are worse, I am sure
Our struggle demands to sung with great songs;
This, too, must be told. It belongs

Truth be told, they occur without murmur
“incidents” that are truly but murder
Let us sing, too of some who make light,
”Understanding” the heat of the fight
and demure

Let’s not say, “these are but small
In the annals of war, they’re not all”
Small and large combined make the whole
If we hear a man boast of his gore
We’re ashamed

If we take up arms to defend
But deny other’s rights, we offend
If we pull on the trigger 
and merely do snigger.
Need and revenge ought never abide

War is cruel, that is true
But remember, we must rue
Justice and honesty require
We avoid all the mire 
and promote righteousness

As for the host waxing poetry
Who do speak but of gallantry
Punishment should await
And court martials at the gate
Without doubt

Damned be the sweet-sounding whisper
That agrees, yet dares but lisp for
In a mirror our soldiers must see 
What the public denies to a tee

And the brave, wonderful men
Who took arms to defend 
Ought not shy from the truth
Or cowardly, forsooth,
deny it


February 20, 2017

Please pray

Please pray that God will use my books to edify, challenge, strengthen and purify the church in Israel, promoting godliness and.the fear of God, a relish for his word and a lively affection for his glory.
Please pray as I work on my next book, on church life and structure, that I will say what is necessary in a helpful manner and very much in tune with God’s word.
Please pray for my dear Bracha and myself as well commence a lengthy tour of the continental US from the end of March to the middle of August.
Please pray that I will draw closer to God and that my conduct in life would be true to the Gospel.


February 10, 2017

Describing events in Turkey ...

Describing events in Turkey, Ferhat Boratav, CNN Turk’s editor-in-chief said “We are going toward ‘pure democracy,’ where the government’s authority is derived only from the election results. Issues like civil rights and the rule of law become secondary in the political game,” he says. “Power is based on the will of the people, who elect a leader who believes he can win every election.” In a pure democracy, a critical media becomes a nuisance." 

This is a penetrating description of a process taking place, not only in Turkey. but in Israel, the USA and throughout the West. The results of fairly-conducted elections, the rule of law, fundamental principles, even the Constitution, no longer carry the moral weight attributed to them in the past. "The will of the people" is all that counts. Consequently, Houses of Legislature decry Supreme Court decisions, election results are contested on the streets rather than at the ballot box -- and churches consider being "seeker friendly" more important than adhering to the word of God. This is human arrogance gone mad.


February 02, 2017

Proclaiming the Gospel by Daring To Be Christian
August 16 2015


"When the Lord your God cuts off before you the nations which you are going in to dispossess and you dispossess them and dwell in their land, beware that you are not ensnared to follow them after they are destroyed before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘How do these nations serve their gods, that I also may do likewise?’ 
"You shall not behave thus toward the Lord your God, for every abominable act which the Lord hates they have done for their gods; for they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods; whatever I command you, you shall be careful to do; you shall not add to no

The Recent MaozNews
MaozNews No. 109, March 2017

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Mystery of Galactic Hyperspeed Cracked: It's the Universe's Imperfection

How an unknown monumental palace rewrites ancient Greek history

SpaceIL achievement: Israel is getting close to the moon

The Dangers of Annexing the West Bank

Hatikva at Bergen-Belsen

200,000 survivors left in Israel

Being a second-class citizen in Israel

The hateful whispers that make me want to move from London to Tel Aviv

Justifying Israel: An interview with Chaim Gans


Brothers in Arms - but Not to the Grave


Russian Octopus Reaches Beyond Syria

How Israel Went From Atheist Zionism to Jewish State

Israeli Intel Warns Netanyahu Against Pushing Trump to Undo Iran Deal


Water deal reached between Israel and Palestinians

Paris peace conference: Wrong message, wrong time, wrong place

How the 'Israeli Arab' was created

Two-thirds of Israelis Still Back Two-state Solution, J Street Poll Finds

A Jewish girl's pendant was found at a Nazi camp - and now Yad Vashem is looking for her relatives


Why Nationalist and Jewish Orthodoxy Are Taking Over Israel

Board game and luxuries discovered in Crusader castle in the Galilee

Archaeologists find vast pagan sanctuary outside Roman city in north Israel

Archaeologists Debunk Myth: Human Brain Evolution Didn't Cause Our Teeth to Shrink

Israel's 'flying car' passenger drone moves closer to delivery

Ancient Jerusalem Road Hints at Possible Reason for Jewish Revolt Against Rome

An archeological mystery and the search for King David

The best archaeological finds in Israel of 2016

PLO official: Overall message of Kerry speech welcome, but parameters unacceptable

Abbas: Willing to resume peace talks if Israel freezes settlements

Netanyahu tells Kerry: Israel doesn't need to be lectured about peace by foreign leaders

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Kerry Blasts Israeli Government, Presents Six Points of Future Peace Deal

Stone wall from First Temple period destroyed by rains in Israel 

Israeli missile alert technology saves lives in Chile

Israeli youth collecting winter supplies for Syrian kids

Palestinian land owner preparing to take settlers to ICC

Jaw Dropping: Lab-Grown Bones Successfully Transplanted In 11 Jaws

US consistent against settlements — and against UN as appropriate venue 

Full text of US envoy Samantha Power’s speech after abstention on anti-settlement vote

Too Many Israelis Don’t Properly Understand Democracy

Understanding the UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements: What Are the Immediate Ramifications?

Jesus sites in Jerusalem: Are they real?

The War on Christmas Opens a New Front in Jerusalem Hotels

Netanyahu to Amona: I Feel Your Pain, I Was Kicked Out After '99 Election - to Sheraton Plaza

Israeli University Rabbi Forbids Jews From Entering Student Union Due to Christmas Tree

Former Mideast diplomat decries Trump envoy’s "Kapo" labeling of J Street.

Rare coin from King Antiochus’s rule discovered in Jerusalem

Oldest-known Images of Hanukkah Menorahs: Not What We Know Today

New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Found in Judean Desert

In Israel, Settlers of Amona Come Before Fighting Poverty

More and more land, less of a state

Obama Admits He's Unwilling to Pay a Price to Save Aleppo

The Fall of Aleppo Signals the Dishonorable Decline of the West

Israelis raise half a million NIS for Syrian children

Israeli Reservists Demand to Be Sent to Help Wounded Syrians

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Explains the Chant "Death to America" 

Saudi Writer Khaled Mushawah Calls For Reexamination of Islamic Concepts: Our Understanding of the Meaning of Jihad Is Stagnant 

Aleppo Massacre: Assad Is Only Getting Started

Head of MI6: Britain faces 'fundamental threat to sovereignty from Russian meddling'

Million-Year-Old 'Hero Bug' Emerges From Cave

Bill Banning non-Orthodox Services at Western Wall Submitted to Knesset

Egypt- Between International Stardom and Dignified Survival

Comment: Why is the Middle East so disappointed with Obama?

Israel’s responsible adult

Supreme Court president warns: Majority's decision is not necessarily democratic

Expert claims inscriptions from Egyptian exodus proves Hebrew is world’s oldest alphabet 

American media need psychotherapy

Arab IDF soldier: 'I love this country and want to contribute'

Were the Israeli fires arson terror claims premature and exaggerated?

How the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Affects the Brains of Arabs and Jews

Iraq's Fight Against ISIS Is Prologue to Its Next Bloody Civil War

Israeli Startup Reports Successful Transplant of Lab-grown Bones

Divers find unexpected Roman inscription from the eve of Bar-Kochba Revolt

70 C.E.: The Roman Siege of Jerusalem Ends

Shiraz Maher | Mapping contemporary Salafi-Jihadism

Returning Jihadis: A Generational Threat

The reality of women in combat roles

Analysis Syrian Rebels Can Blame America for Loss of Aleppo

Israel's Biggest Threat Is 'Nationalistic' Demon of Netanyahu, Former PM Barak Says 

Vast Majority of Jews Don’t Want Rabbis Deciding if They’re Jewish, Survey Shows

Analysis Unprecedented Clash With ISIS Could Open a Dangerous New Front for Israel 

Analysis: The battle for Mosul and the rearrangement of the Middle East 

Divers uncover world's oldest harbor, in Red Sea

4000-year-old version of Rodin's 'Thinker' found in Israel

Why I find the black community's response to Trump's election a little embarrassing

With All Hospitals Out of Action, Syrians in East Aleppo Are 'Left to Die'

Why regulation must be limited to settlement blocs

Analysis Middle Eastern States Fight Each Other Like There's No ISIS

Egyptian Human Rights Activist Hany Elsadek in Defense of Hitler

The Demise of Totalitarian Liberalism

Gold, silver offering to the gods 3,600 years ago found in Canaanite Gezer

Amidror: Still against deal, but Iran’s recovery slower than expected

Iran deal violation: Sign of emboldened country... or simply more transparency?

Operation Wedding in the Sky

US-Israeli clean-tech projects get $4 million boost

WHO: Israel's field hospital best in world 

ISIS Expands Its Reach and Finds New Recruits in Pakistan

Archaeologists find 'snapshot' of 4,500-year-old Canaanite citadel's last hours

The Best Two Minutes You’ll Hear On Tv All Year About The Presidential Election

Analysis: Showtime for the Egyptian president

Behind the lines: Syria’s interlocking conflicts

The Palestinian Economy: On Artificial Respiration

 Watch: No Place on Earth (2012) 

 Is Evangelical Worship Headed for a Huge Crash?

Analysis U.S. Caught in a Vise Before Battle for Mosul Even Begins

World is silent, except when it comes to Israel

Iran Slams UN Human Rights Council for Electing Saudi Arabia as a Member

So was it David who killed Goliath?

Looking for the light in the dark: A Holocaust survivor's story

The Kurdish battle for Mosul, and independence

Parts of Bible Were Written in First Temple Period, Say Archaeologists

Yemen food crisis leaves millions at risk of starving

Papyrus With Earliest Hebrew Mention of Jerusalem Likely Fake, Experts Say

Iraqi forces marching toward bloodbath with ISIS: Special report from the Mosul front lines

Mostly Children Among 26 Killed in Airstrike on School in Syria, Medics Say

Papyrus With Earliest Ex-bible Hebrew Mention of Jerusalem Is Revealed

Israel Displays First Temple-era Pottery Found on Temple Mount

The inconvenient reality behind the long, messy battle for Mosul: a special report

This Day in Jewish History 1946: Nazi Doctors Are Indicted

Insight: Egyptians losing patience with Sisi

Lieberman: If Hamas forces war on us, it will be their last

Israeli Discovery May Help Ward Off Famine 

Analysis: Which Iraq will triumph in Mosul? 

Visiting the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, no time machine necessary

Do You Like Poison Spray on Your Fruit? Israel, EU Collaborating to Reduce That

Previously unknown Canaanite revolt against Egypt revealed in ancient Jaffa

Uncovered Ancient City Wall in Jerusalem Tells Story of Great Jewish Revolt

Trump Supporters Tweet Naziesque Death Threats to Jewish Women Writers

Analysis: A new crack in the Sunni bloc?

B'Tselem's disgraceful appearance at the UN

Opinion B'Tselem Head: Why I Spoke Against the Occupation at the UN

The Forgotten Story of 'Gertrude of Arabia,' Who Created Modern Iraq

The Universe Has Almost 10 Times More Galaxies Than We Thought

Recently released IDF soldiers combine volunteer work with world travel

When Putin decided to help Assad

Opinion How the Environment Can Bridge the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

The art of occupation, according to Israeli General Gadi Shamni

West Bank soccer team honors Ammunition-Hill terrorist

Chief rabbi calls Syrian conflict ‘Holocaust,’ urges action

Israeli-designed Bacteria Could Help Solve World's Gigantic Plastic Problem

As Vehicles Go High-tech, Israel’s in the Driver’s Seat

For whom the bell tolls: Listen to the sound of the Temple high priest's coattails

Victory of Orthodox Judaism is everyone’s defeat

Jerusalem City Budget for Houses of Worship Goes Only to Synagogues

Opinion Israel Has Overcome Every Threat, Except the One From Within

Opinion Russia Is Fated to Lose the War in Syria; We Should Let It

Opinion Needed: A 'Secularism Officer' for Israel's Army

The banker who used Nazis to help save Jews

Ultra-Orthodox crowds verbally abuse Haredi soldiers

The sickness of narrative thinking

Ad Informing El Al Female Passengers They Don't Have to Switch Seats Rejected by Port Authority

A Synagogue in Every Precinct and Rabbi-approved Pens: Israel Cops Get Religion

The Holocaust train that led Jews to freedom instead of death

International conference promotes Israel as a leader in multiple sclerosis research

Obama’s US failing the test of power

We will win, together

Analysis Putin Will Stop at Nothing to Increase Mideast Influence at U.S.' Expense

A former spy chief is calling on Israelis to revolt

I'm black and I'm afraid of black men

Obama says goodbye in Hebrew: Shimon, toda raba haver yakar

The best of Israel archaeology in 5776

Ancient Toilet Reveals the Unique Way the Judeans Fought Idol-worship

Gate shrine from First Temple period unearthed at Tel Lachish National Park

Why So Many Children Are Being Killed in Aleppo

Shimon Peres, 1923-2016: From nuclear pioneer to champion of peace

Global agtech investors find 'rich pipeline of opportunities' in Israel

New Israeli tech sees machines leading the blind

Love, Unity and No Women Singers at Yom Kippur Concert in Tel Aviv

Alternative wedding revolution underway in Israel

Kerry: Israel and Palestinians Headed for Binational State, World Must Act or Shut Up

Scientists Prevent Breast Cancer Spread, in Mice

Rare High Priests stone weight from Second Temple period found in Jerusalem

Opinion Israel as We Know It Has Less Than a Decade Left

Opinion Begin and My Father Had the Courage to Be Real Leaders. Netanyahu Hasn't



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