Baruch was born on December 31st 1943 to a Jewish family in Boston Massachusetts. His mother, younger brother and he immigrated to Israel in 1953, where he was converted to Christ while serving in the Army in 1963. He worked with Christian Witness to Israel from 1974 to 2005 and pastored Grace and Truth Christian Congregation in Israel from its founding in 1976 until the age of retirement at the end of 2008. He is presently engaged in a writing, teaching and preaching ministry in Israel and abroad. He and Bracha were married in 1968 and live in Gedera, Israel. They have three daughters, all married and presently living in the USA, and two foster daughters, one of whom is married and lives in Israel. The other is still at home.

Baruch and Bracha joined Christian Witness to Israel in April 1974, upon his release from the Israeli army following the October (Day of Atonement) War. As of 1979 he served as CWI Israel Field Director. In the course of his labors he translated, among other works, The God Who Is There, Knowing God, Genesis Three and edited over 50 books in Hebrew. He also wrote 61 theological papers, delivered in Germany, Britain, Finland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA, and built up, educated and managed a staff of translators, graphic artists and editors which, with their administrative assistance, came to a total of 13 staff members.

Baruch was a member of the Editorial team for the translation of the NT into Hebrew and a contributor and member of the editorial team for the Annotated Hebrew NT. He initiated the formation of Mishkan - the International Theological Forum on Jewish Evangelism, and taught Homiletics and Christian Disciplines at the Israel College of the Bible. He continues to edit the translation of the Bible into Modern Hebrew. Work on the OT is now drawing to a close and work on the New is soon to commence. He has translated the Westminster Confession into Hebrew and is presently engaged in various other writing and teaching projects. Recently, he completed a major work on hermeneutics. His goal is to leave behind him as broad as possible a collection of theolgical, exegetical and expositional literature, written in Hebrew for Hebrew readers. Numerous of his books have already been published.

Baruch served as founder and Chairman of the International Jewish Evangelical Fellowship, of Keren Tkuma, the national social aid fund in Israel, and of the Fellowship of Hebrew Speaking Congregations in Israel, each initiated by him. When efforts were made to render evangelism illegal in Israel, he founded the Messianic Action Committee, which led a successful international protest against proposed anti-Christian legislation in Israel.

Baruch's published works include in English: Jonah - A Prophet on the Run (repubished by Shepherd  Press), Come Let Us Reason Together - The Unity of Jews and Gentiles in the Church (Third edition, Presbyterian and Reformed) and Malachi: A Prophet in Times of Distress (Crossbooks); In Hebrew: Hosea - A Devotional Commentary, Joel and Amos – A Devotional CommentaryJudges - A Devotional Commentary, God and His Word, The Living GodThe Way of Salvation, Life in the Spirit, Selections from MathewBetween Two Mountains (The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount). His commentary on selections from Matthew is presently being prepared for the press. Other works include: How to Understand the Bible; Obadiah and Jonah – A Devotional Commentary, Hebrews, Selections from Psalms, Ezekiel, Revelation, Church Life and Structure, How to Preach and Listen to Sermons, The Fear of God; A Review of Premillenialism (in various stages of preparation). In Dutch: Continuity and Renewal, Israel and the Gospel.

In 1976 Baruch became Founder-Pastor of Grace and Truth Christian Congregation, a Reformed and Baptist church, now numbering some 300 congregants with a work among the deaf, extensive evangelistic work and a recognized Diaconal work in Israeli society. He pastored the church until his retirement, at the age of 65, in December 2008. The church now has 3 Elders, and a Diaconate of 4. Baruch and his wife, Bracha, moved to another congregation, where they are seeking to be faithful, useful congregants. His biography is serialized from time to time in our monthy newsletter, back-issues of which are available on this site.